Grocery Home Delivery

Grocery Home Delivery

Let us help you do Weekly Shopping

“Use the time to do great things and outings with family”


- Save time on shopping.

- Buy products that are not available in your local area or supermarket.

- Mothers have an extra 2 hours per day to take care or indulge themselves instead of having to spend a lot of time shopping, preparing before cooking ...


Become Hato VIP to enjoy the deals!


1. Free Shopping Service:        

         - Free service "shopping for groceries" applies to up to 3 stores in one order.        

         - Or choose a product from the Hato website.        

         - Or send a list of the names and pictures of the products you want to buy.


2. Delivery Priority and Hold for your favorite products which are not on the shelf.  


3. Exclusive Promotion (for annual VIP guests): enjoy the special offers when products are not in the promotion period.



This Hato VIP will give you a total of 4 orders to request the delivery for any day of the month upon the available delivery window. 

**********This is only the membership fee for the on-demand shopping service. This does not include any cost of the products*********